Being Happy from the Inside Out


These are notes from You Can Choose to be Happy by Dr. Tom G. Stevens. According to the book, we can develop new beliefs, skills, and habits that allow us to be happier from within.

  • Develop your Higher Self — that part of you that unconditionally loves yourself and others.
  • Develop a positive world view — learn to feel gratitude for all you have, and learn to accept (feel calm about) all aspects of life, even things that are frightening.
  • Develop positive life themes and roles  — learn to overcome old negative ones. Develop good role models, self-expectations, and goals for each Life Area.
  • Learn how to resolve inner conflicts that underlie your daily negative emotions.
  • Create inner worlds and plans — create visions in your mind as a first step toward creating both internal and external reality.
  • Learn, think, and problem-solve — keep expanding your mind. Involve it in interesting and challenging activities. Keep learning and growing in a variety of areas. Keep growing as a person. Optimal challenge and growth underlie happiness.

I think these are great pointers on one’s self-improvement journey. It takes patience, determination, and (com)passion to turn things around for the better, but it’s worth it!



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