Defining Spirituality (For Yourself)

Sedone’s Sketches

Sometimes I get the feeling it’s a Bad Thing to talk about spirituality, god (especially in lower-case), and the universe, let alone imply that you might define these things for yourself.

That’s OK; half the fun of writing is getting to talk about things that make people uncomfortable.

It makes sense that people would gravitate towards what’s popular, but if that’s all we ever did, we’d miss out on some great things (and keep perpetuating some awful things).

Writing is a way for me to express my spirituality (there I said it). Painting is spiritual for me, too.

That’s well and good, but can it pay the bills? No, but it makes paying the bills worth it.

My spirituality isn’t someone else’s. Appreciating beauty, facing fears, seeking truth, sometimes just staring in awe and wonderment at the universe; these things feel spiritual to me.

Arguing about who created what, or whether they have an innie or an outie (hint: nobody knows), seems to get in the way of enjoying life.



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4 thoughts on “Defining Spirituality (For Yourself)”

  1. Thank you for this excellent post! I find that when I focus most on my own spirituality, I have more to give to others. I find it helpful to spend at least several minutes each day to focus on my higher self, and appreciate all that I’ve been created to be : )


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