Cold, Soft Lessons


It’s a rather cold, spring morning, but I’m under warm, soft blankets.

Today I’d like to talk about some life lessons that are becoming apparent. The life lesson I’m learning is that although I can’t have the love of everyone, I can have love. I’m also learning that although I don’t enjoy everything that happens, there are things I can enjoy. Another lesson is that although my way gets blocked, there is a way forward. And, I’m learning to trust that life will put its limit on me, in which case I don’t have to preempt life by putting a limit on myself.

I think it’s good to acknowledge that we don’t know everything.

We may be conscious of how we’d like to be perceived by others, but ultimately it’s not in our control what other people think of us. We can’t truly control what people do, although we may attempt to influence or persuade them.

I suppose you could say physically stopping, harming, enslaving, or manipulating another person is a way of controlling them, and I’d agree to a certain point, but although it may coerce and brainwash someone, it still doesn’t win their loyalty and love.


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