Letting Go (with dignity and grace)

Shark Fishing by Winslow Homer

Perhaps life — as much as anything else — is about finding what we’re looking for, spending time with it, and letting it go; with what and for how long is for each of us to discover.

The things we hold so dear, things by which we live and die for, are all let go of in the end.

Perhaps one of life’s many lessons is whether we learn to let go with dignity and grace, or stubbornly cling to what we think is ours. What’s ours is ours, until, of course, it isn’t.

Maybe it wasn’t ours to begin with.

Things treated with honor and respect, appreciated, admired and cultivated, have a way of growing strong. Things held onto desperately, for dear life, seem to wither away.

Saying hello to whatever comes, and saying good-bye when it passes, can lighten the load on this journey. Maybe our lot is to do our best, and leave it at that. No need to under/over play our hand. Our best is good enough, and with luck, may even be great. Whatever happens can be shaken off.

Even life is shaken off in the end.


Shark Fishing by Winslow Homer via Wikimedia

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