Channeling Anger

I’m making a commitment to not discuss things with people when I feel angry. There are more productive things I can do with anger, like writing, painting, meditating, and problem-solving why I feel angry in the first place. The best time for me to communicate with others is when I’m calm. I don’t want to eliminate my angry feelings; I just want to understand and use the energy of anger in a better way.

What if I perceive anger from others?

I think the best thing for me to do is remove myself from an angry situation. If that’s not possible, I need to focus attention within, and protect myself. When things are calm, I can figure out the best thing to do.

It takes courage to face angry feelings. More anger isn’t going to make things better. Understanding why the angry feelings exist, remaining calm, and channeling the energy towards more positive things is the key.



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