Connecting to the Higher Self

We all have a Higher Self, and it’s important to have a regular practice of connecting to that part of ourselves. The space in which the Higher Self dwells is calm and peaceful, free of self-righteousness and vindictiveness.

It’s remarkably easy to see how we’ve been wronged by others. It’s much harder to forgive and understand where someone’s coming from, but the rewards for compassion is a greater connection to our Higher Self. The miracle of the Higher Self is at that level, everything and everyone is connected. Understanding happens when we can see our highest and true potential.

At the ground level, there seems to be nothing but lines of division. Peace can’t happen from a mindset of limited resources; only fear. The only courage we need is the courage to open a door to a new and better way of seeing things.

The universe truly is a vast and abundant place.

There’s a universe within and without us.



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