Adapting and Growing

We have the power to create and do things in a different way. What we think of as a weakness can be thought of as an opportunity to adapt and grow.

There are many ways to overcome the mountain; over, around, through, or simply accepted and appreciated for it being there.

Weaknesses and limitations are only true from one perspective. A willingness to change our viewpoint allows us to see situations in a new way.

Problems are a catalyst for creativity. Fear is a catalyst for truth.

Ignorance is a lack of understanding. When we understand something, we have wisdom.

Knowledge without understanding is mental clutter. We seek knowledge, but receive understanding.

A purpose of life, as I see it, is to understand…everything. Whatever we don’t understand, we are commissioned to explore until we do understand.

When we realize that most, if not all of us, operate from an incomplete picture of how things work, the reasonable response is to cooperate with one another and have compassion.



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