Open Hands

It’s with a sense of gratitude that I wake up (usually early) in the morning, anxiety notwithstanding. It’s a privilege for me to be able to write, publish, and connect with people.

We all have something

Problems, troubles, trials’n’tribulations, talents, gifts, and good ol’ luck. The purpose of life may as well be figuring out what to do with what we’ve got.

Don’t mistake skill (or lack thereof) with love

Most people don’t want to pay you for doing what you love; doing it is already a reward, after all. People want to pay you for your skill. You can do what you love and not be good at it, or do what you’re good at and hate it. If you dedicate yourself to doing what you love, and getting very skilled at it, you get paid + bonus (with the help of aforementioned luck).

A time for compassion

Peace may be the destination, but compassion is the way, although I realize peace can be hard-won.

There’s a time to make fists, and a time to open hands.

Let’s open our hands more often than not.


I’m happy to say that yesterday was my 300th post, which was a pleasant surprise.


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