The Journey (to be happy)

roseIt’s been my experience that happiness is something that’s not to be found, but rather received, appreciated, and enjoyed. The pursuit of happiness can have successes and failures along the way, but whatever happiness I’ve found has been on the journey itself.

Maybe happiness is something we need to slow down and see.

I don’t think happiness is an accomplishment, or getting what (you think) you want. We can be happy about success, but we can also be unhappy about success, or realize that, in some cases, we’re happy we didn’t succeed at something. I don’t think happiness requires us to be successful. Success feels good, but it can also feel bad.

Then is happiness an emotion? This too seems to be misguided. Happiness seems to be something beyond feeling good or bad. We say we feel happy or unhappy, but I think we’re talking about passing emotions. The pursuit of feeling good in order to be happy doesn’t seem to make people truly happy, at least not for long.

Is happiness a mood? Are some people just happier or unhappier than others? Again, if we judge happiness by our emotional state, or whether we’re extroverted or introverted, then it does seem like some people are more jovial and peppy than others, but I don’t think mood and temperament equals happiness.

Happiness seems to be quite deep and pervasive, unbounded by time or space, yet easily missed, even as we chase after it. We often notice a lack of happiness, and know it’s important for us to find what (we think) is missing. Seeking the truth may ultimately be the journey to be happy.


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