True Friends (making and being)

new-leafWhile growing up, I moved from school to school, often being the only Asian kid in my class (if not the whole place), and me being an only child to begin with, I knew the importance, I daresay survival imperative, of fitting in, belonging, and making friends.

Sometimes I made friends by being the teacher’s pet, or the artistic one, or by cracking jokes. I had fun with schoolmates, but as time went by, people grew up and life moved on. The friendships that seemed so infinite yielded to the responsibilities of adulthood.

I wasn’t always a good friend. I wasn’t always that nice of a person. I did some mean things, was self-absorbed, and troubled. I had talent and energy, but didn’t know how to channel it. I even attempted suicide. All this time — and I wasn’t completely conscious of this, but knew it deep down — I never forgave myself for my trespasses, never felt I really deserved friends; good ones, great ones, true ones.

Today, I believe there are true friends out there waiting for me, and the way I’ll find them is to start by being a true friend to myself.


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2 thoughts on “True Friends (making and being)”

  1. So very true 🙂
    The only way to get people to accept you is simply, by accepting yourself in the first place. People will actually like you for who you are, whatever your qualities or worst habits may be.


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