Arthur_Rackham_The_Valiant_Little_TailorI had an epiphany while vacuuming the floor. All the work I’ve done to overcome anxiety, combined with the self-improvement I’ve done over the years, and now, faced with an invitation to a social engagement, all these things have conspired to create a perfect storm.

Did anxiety, like an ill-received house guest, finally leave? Did I figure out the perfect solution to all my problems? No, everything is basically the same, which is to say, life is  life, work is work, and I am who I am.

As for the epiphany, I was contemplating the social engagement, and how, through the years, accepting/declining such invitations have become something of a sore point. The truth is, I’ve accepted as much as I’ve declined, and the Judge of Anxiety has neither been appeased, nor made to shut-the-hell-up. If anyone is going to stand up in my defense against this internally critical ogre, it would have to be me. Ten years of self-improvement and one vacuumed floor later, I’m now ready to represent myself.


image credit:
The Valiant Little Tailor by Arthur Rackham via Wikimedia

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