Bring It (on home)

Why is it, sometimes the most difficult act of kindness is the one we do for ourselves?

Starting where we’re at — being here now — is an act of self-kindness.

Maybe self-compassion, not self-criticism, can be a new way of life.

What if we could accept and welcome ourselves just the way we are?

It takes courage to stand up to a bully, especially when that bully is within us.

The secret weapon we all have is that our true self is infinitely more powerful than our false self.

An act of courage is a step towards believing in yourself, and a leap of faith towards believing in something more than yourself.

Even the meanest part of ourselves can be shown mercy.

After all, everything wants to live, and it takes a big heart and a big soul to make room for peace.

If it’s hard to find yourself a home, let your home be within you.



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