Being the Light


Perhaps you didn’t realize how much power you have. You may have thought you needed to beg for love and acceptance.

It’s natural to feel angry, betrayed, and hurt when you realize you were taught the wrong things, but don’t let anguish turn into self-pity, because that’s a dark road to walk. Let anguish turn into compassion.

Realize that your parents, teachers, and friends are fallible human beings, and that you too make mistakes. See that mistakes aren’t the enemy, but the fear of making mistakes is.

Learn to tell the difference between real fear and self-fear. Fear of the self is ignorance passed on by fearful and ignorant people. Be the light in the darkness of ignorance.

Wisdom begins with turning on your inner-light, and to do that, you must trust yourself. If you find it difficult to trust yourself, you now have a long road to walk, but the journey you take on this road will lead you home.



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