Appreciating the Clouds


I was going to call this article “Appreciating the Clouds”, because:

  1. I do appreciate them.
  2. I went for a walk in the small woods nearby which — to a city-dweller like me — is considered a hike, and found a spot overlooking the city that opened to a wonderful view of the sky.
  3. I sat at this spot that seemed like a nature created throne, and sketched the clouds.

As I sat there in these unlikely woods in the middle of the big city, it seemed as if no one else existed, and I was filled with gratitude for this short time in nature, but also appreciative of the comfortable apartment waiting for me.

I came home ready to type the words I’d written at an actual crossroads, feeling like something in me was also at a crossroads, but then I thought I might write about something else.

So I guess I did end up writing about appreciating the clouds, after all.



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2 thoughts on “Appreciating the Clouds”

  1. The clouds were crazy by me today! It would rain, then stop, then continue raining, and stop, and so forth. The clouds were a split between pleasant like your picture and dark, ominous blankets. I guess I appreciated the scarier ones since my attention was drawn to them more.


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