I Am Getting Better, Man


It’s not as if I can deny nor erase the mistakes — conscious and unconscious — that I’ve made over the years. It’s not as if I haven’t relentlessly beaten myself up over those mistakes, and feel as if I’m continuing to pay for them.

I find it difficult to salvage any self-respect and personal dignity, but it’s there. I won’t tell people not to feel sorry for themselves, when I’m currently suffering from self-pity.

There’s a light within all of us that greets the sun like a kindred spirit.

It’s possible to do the right thing for yourself; to have some pride, dignity, respect, and honor. I haven’t always bestowed those same virtues upon others, which is a mistake. However, despite any mistakes I might have made, there is such a thing as human dignity and rights. So many times I’ve sold myself short that today, as I finally take a stand, I’m shaking with grief.

I affirm that I’m a valuable human being who has the right to be happy.

I have self-worth. I believe in myself. I am getting better, man.


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