This is an incredibly challenging time for me emotionally and relationship-wise, and I’m thankful I have a platform like GBM to voice my concerns and have support.

When you’re an emotionally sensitive person, and your emotions are all keyed up, it’s tough to see things clearly. It’s easy to blame yourself and others, and over-react to everything.

This is where practicing mindfulness really comes in handy. From the calm, still center within us, we can breathe and see the swirling emotions and racing thoughts, and remain who we are.

We won’t get very far attacking and defending ourselves at every turn. At some point we must face what we fear most; abandonment, worthlessness, helplessness, egotism, hate.

Jung called it The Shadow. To face The Shadow will feel like your psychic skin is being pulled apart, but if you’re prepared and trained for it, you will get through this metamorphosis.


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