A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 1)


These are my thoughts and opinions.

I think everyone has a Self, and the Self we have is the one universal Self.

When we are born, being human as we are, we develop an ego. The human ego is an incredibly complex and fragile structure. If we think a flower is intricate in its beauty, it pales in comparison to the ego. The ego is a form of consciousness, and there’s nothing more beautiful than consciousness, because without consciousness there would be no beauty.

In a perfect world, we’d all have a perfect childhood, but in a perfect world there would also be no free will. Whether we want to blame or thank Adam, Eve, the snake, or God for this lack of utopia, it turns out none of us have had a perfect childhood.

The ego, being complex, fragile, and intricate, can have many things go wrong as it develops. After all, it’s being grown by other egos which have also not been raised in a perfect world, yet being the amazing construct it is, it compensates for these defects by creating all kinds of mechanisms, schemas, labyrinths, loopholes, lacunas, and oubliettes.

When a situation gets too disturbing for the developing ego to handle, it activates a measure-of-last-resort. It protects and hides the most valuable thing it possesses — the sense of self. A new, “false” ego is created — a protector — that will defend the sense of self at all costs. The protector will be the one that interacts with the world from now on.

To be continued…


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