A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 2)

shadowsThe protector that’s created by the ego is made to defend the sense of self. However, because the ego is a fabrication of the self, anything created by the ego will lack substance, including, of course, its protector.

This means that anything done while using the protector will ring hollow. Life will feel inauthentic, because the motivation behind everything the protector does is to protect the vulnerable sense of self.

It’s important to note the difference between the self and “the sense of self”. The ego can be thought of as an apparatus that senses the self, so how can it be that we think we’re the ego? I’m not completely sure, but maybe it’s a lack of understanding, like the way people used to believe the Sun went around the Earth.

In any case, anyone who’s created a front in order to protect their ego will come across as  not genuine, or painfully self-conscious, or desperate and needy. They’ll also be on guard constantly, which creates a lot of anxiety, and on top of that, life will seem pretty depressing as they’re not able to be themselves.

To be continued…

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