A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 3)

darkmoonI wrote this part a few days ago, and have since gotten a book on Jungian psychology, which is encouraging in its similarities to my observations, yet also highlights my naivete. Be that as it may, I shall continue my tale.

So far, we’ve seen — at least in this tale — that the self is the core of who we are, and the self creates the ego in order to relate to others. Maybe it’s the nature of being human that things are this way.

Because the ego’s executive function is to relate to things, it can also relate to itself, which may or may not turn out well depending on biological and environmental factors.

The ego’s purpose is to keep the human organism alive, and it will adapt, mal-adapt, cajole, coerce, create, cooperate, manipulate, and do whatever it takes to continue existing.

As humans, we have core emotional ego-driven needs such as self-worth, belonging, love, and respect. If these needs aren’t met, the ego will find a way to either meet them, or protect itself.

This is the basic drama of the ego. For people with personality disorders, life is often filled with such drama.

More thoughts…

Speaking of and from, I consider myself one of those people with personality issues, so it’s a bit like the blind leading the blind. I’m intimately aware of the sense of self, because of the lack of it. I would imagine that freedom has a very different feel for a prisoner or slave than it does for the average person.

So this lack of a sense of self has a ghost-in-the-shell effect on a person. They’re like automatons, mimicking the things people do, yet feeling empty and meaningless inside. Everything becomes “self-food” for a voracious inner black hole. I think this is what happens when the mask wears a mask.

In the space between who we are not, there is loneliness.

To be continued…

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