A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 4)


I will now attempt to paint a mental picture and explain my thoughts about the Self. Due to my fascination with astronomy, I’ve taken cues from the Solar System, but I don’t think it’s too surprising that the constellations in space have similarities to our own inner space.

Imagine that the Self — the true dwelling place of who we are — is like the Sun. The Sun, like other stars, is actually an ever-changing process of atoms fusing and releasing energy. So too, can the Self be thought of as an ongoing process; a source of power, energy, and life-force.

Orbiting the Sun is the Earth, the planet on which we live, and naturally the place we focus on the most. The Ego can be said to orbit the Self, and since we use the Ego to function in the world, we almost exclusively focus on it. We could spend all our lives focused on our Ego, and those of others — just like we can spend all our lives focused on living on Earth — and things would work out fine, as far as it goes. Yet there’s so much more to the Universe — and here on Earth — than we realize, and it’s the same with the Self.

As I walked outside today, and felt the sun on my skin, I couldn’t help but think that all the Universe was created by me for me, and that this was true for everyone.

To be continued…

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