Being a Great Man


In one way or another, my overriding question in life has always been, “what does it take to be a great man?”. I’ve fixed my attention on this question for a long while, contemplating what a great man looks like, what kinds of things he does, what does he think and feel, and what kind of character does he have?

I want to be a great man. I believe we’re all here to be great and do great things. I know that the path of greatness is the road less traveled, so it may seem lonely at times, but I have faith that the desire to be great comes from a truthful source.

Greatness isn’t selfishness, because pursuing a great life teaches humility and contribution. Selfishness, when pursued with sincerity,¬† reveals itself to be the seed of greatness. What we want for ourselves becomes greater when we want it for all.

On the way to being a great man, today I can be a better man.


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