Health, Wealth, Love, and Creativity


Is it possible to have health, wealth, love, and creativity? In my heart, I know it’s not only possible, but purposeful.

I believe we’re all here to experience the best that life has to offer, and anything that seems to get in the way of that is ignorance on our part.

Wisdom is the lack of ignorance, so the best way forward is to identify ignorance, and become wise. Ignorance goes away when it’s identified as such. Wisdom grows when cultivated. There’s no effort in becoming wise. The effort is in removing ignorance from our understanding of life, ourselves, and the universe.

Wisdom wishes to grow. Wisdom is our natural state. Wisdom occurs when we are right with life.

Any doubts as to whether health, wealth, love, and creativity is possible is born of ignorance. Prosperity, abundance, and greatness is the normal and right way of life. Greatness is our birthright.


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