Journeys to the Underworld


I’ve been deeply immersed in the world of the psyche and personality. The underworld of the unconscious looms ever present, and my adventures into this formidable and forbidding place have helped me recover a semblance of truth.

My MBTI type seems to be INFP, Enneagram Type 4, all wrapped up in a personality that’s on the borderline.

Is it possible to delve into your own mind and glean some wisdom as to how to live your life better? Can you bring order to disorder? I believe so, but it takes a brave soul, hard work, lots of help, and lady luck on your side. I do what I do because it’s necessary. By seeking wholeness and truth, I can contribute something worthwhile to life.

My mind feels like a cracked lens between the inner and outer world, so I use a deeper kind of vision; an inner compass. This journey is nothing short of epic.


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