A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 5)

crashIn the previous part of this tale, I described how the Self was like the Sun, and the Ego was like the Earth. Now I’ll talk about the Persona, which can be thought of as a satellite of the Ego, in this case, represented by the Moon.

The Persona is the face the Ego presents to others, and like the Moon, the Persona doesn’t generate its own light, but rather reflects the light of the Sun/Self, so the Persona is connected to the Self, but in an indirect way. The Persona is also intimately linked to the Ego, just like the way the Moon affects life on Earth.

One theory about the Moon is that it was created from the impact of a planetoid that crashed into the Earth. In the developing Ego, such impacts could have occurred when it received feedback from its environment, and depending on the type of feedback, the Ego naturally created satellites, or Personae. Once these Persona satellites form, they become an integral part of the Ego system.

In the next part, I’ll discuss the Shadow(s).

To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 5)”

  1. Interesting series and perspectives. It’s fascinating (to me) how we all have different takes on ego. I choose to diminish and at times, ignore it and the persona. It’s enlightening to see it from another angle.


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