A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 7)

milky way

I could continue writing this tale indefinitely, but every tale must have an ending, so I’ll conclude this one by explaining why it’s a tale of misplaced loyalty.

No matter how objective we try to be, people are storytelling creatures. Our interactions with the world, and each other, is part of the story we tell ourselves. Stories are essentially dreams that we consciously arrange in a certain way. What if the truth is that we’re always dreaming, all the while making up stories about the dream?

Perhaps a spiritual awakening is the realization that we’re the dreamer and storyteller of our dreams. The Buddha taught that our attachment to things is the cause of our suffering. Maybe it’s a case of misplaced loyalty. I think we all yearn to be loyal to something great. We throw our loyalty into various things, and inevitably these things either let us down, go away, or is taken from us. Where we place our loyalty will determine who we are, the dreams we have, and the stories we tell.

The End


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4 thoughts on “A Tale of Misplaced Loyalty (part 7)”

  1. Hmm, perhaps placing our loyalty in the finite instead of the infinite is part of the issue. Just a passing thought amongst the deep thoughts this provokes.


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