Reworking Life Areas

I’ve been inundating myself with self-improvement material, and my inspiration levels are sky high and beyond. In fact, I made some changes to the Life Areas pie.

The Life Areas are now:

  • BODY
  • WORK

“Mind” is now “Thoughts” because in this system THOUGHTS + EMOTIONS = MIND.

Thoughts are in the conscious mind, and emotions are in the subconscious mind.

“Resources” is now “Wealth” because it’s more exciting. This Life Area has been called Money, Finances, Resources, and now Wealth. That was a reflection of my former ambivalence towards creating wealth, but my feelings have changed.

I’m loving these YouTube videos of Earl Nightingale’s audio cassettes; an awesome example of technology evolving consciousness, and vice versa (that he sounds like Unicron is a bonus). I recommend listening to Bob Proctor while you’re at it.

I’ve worked with these kinds of teachings — along with other philosophies — for the past 10 years to improve myself, and I believe it’s the best way to direct the mind towards accomplishing goals. There may be more to life than success, yet it’s still an essential part of life.



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