Living from Source

It seems like there really is a way of living from source, something I’ve yearned for and sought all my life, and of course there would be a way, since it can be no other way. Everything else feels like an illusion, fake, and ultimately pointless — at least to the small mind of ego — without a connection to source.

Does The Source = The Force = The Tao = God? I don’t know, and I don’t really care. There’s nothing like a good round of mental masturbation to figure out and categorize beliefs — and I enjoy that — but lately I’m more interested in feeling the connection to the source of power in the universe rather than being more right about something than someone else. This is the way of example, not talk.

All I know is there’s an infinitely powerful source of power within and without me, that I am that source — a part of it — as is everyone and everything in the universe, and my physical self — our physical selves — are vessels and vehicles deserving of respect and dignity, for we are part of the creativity of the universe.

My true work up to this point has been to wake up to this realization. Nothing short of this realization could satisfy me. The next steps aren’t so important — actually, they are important — because they’ll be inspired steps. And this would sound like so much BS to my ego, if not for the sweetness of the feeling, the joy in every moment, the grace during the painful moments, and the appreciation of the good things in life.



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