Stumbling into Joy


Joy is such a sweet emotion to feel, and at various times in my life I’ve stumbled into it. Enjoyment — the feeling of joy — has always felt right, always felt like home, but sometimes I didn’t think it was right for me to be feeling that way.

Maybe it felt too good. Maybe it would go away. I was told this kind of thing, or saw people living like that, and I believed it for a while.

There were times I thought joy came from someone or somewhere else — like there was a limited supply of it — and I had to secure it in some way. This led to being afraid of not having it. The opposite of joy — fear — felt more familiar, for a time.

Now I realize that joy is our birthright. We are meant to feel joy, and enjoy life. I see that anything that gets in the way of our natural enjoyment will cause unhappiness. I know that joy isn’t something to get, but rather it’s a letting go of resistance to joy that allows it to flow. Joy is always flowing, and whether we stumble into it or dive right in, great things begin to happen when we allow ourselves to enjoy.


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