Flowing Energy


I’ve always felt that everything is made of energy — which seems obvious if you think about it — that we didn’t just begin with our parents, that everything is connected and related in some way (it’s all a matter of perspective), that we flow from one form of energy into another when we die, and the work we create has an effect on future generations.

I’ve always been sensitive to the energy around me ( I haven’t totally known how to deal with that, but I’m learning to enjoy it). I’ve also felt a deep resonance with the creative works of people who have come and gone, because their energy still seems to be infused in our collective consciousness, and thus, very much alive. In fact, I have a closer and more intimate relationship with great masters of art, literature, science, wisdom, and other facets of life than I do with most of the people I meet.

The most intimate relationship of all, and one I’m joyfully — with some trepidation — allowing myself to have, is the relationship between me and my Self.


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2 thoughts on “Flowing Energy”

  1. Hooray! For the gentle awakening of empathy and the connection of all souls on this planet… as we weave beauty for future generations and transform the collective fears and dissatisfactions into a prosperous, peaceful planet. 😉


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