Free to Decide


It’s been an interesting time as I focus my attention upon who I am, feeling that life-giving connection to personal power that — because I’m not used to letting it flow — is somewhat disorienting, but altogether awesome.

Joy is the feeling I have in the “now” which makes me realize that no matter what happens, it’s all worth it.

Life used to be a certain way for me, but now things are different, and I see the value, meaning, and purpose of my experiences. I’m getting better every day, feeling centered and powerful. I have an inner compass, like we all do, which I thought I’d lost, even forgotten, but is now found, and despite some wear’n’tear, it works; really well, in fact. My compass is powered by my true self. I now understand better how to use my thoughts and feelings to navigate through life.

The biggest illusion I suffered was the belief that I was powerless, that I had to push against or convince others of my worth, which only brought me hopelessness and despair.

An awakening happens when we see that we’re not here to answer to something other than who we are, that we don’t have to prove our worthiness or rightful place in the world, or be slaves to someone else’s beliefs. We’re free to decide whatever we want to believe.

I’ve decided that I am free, and I believe that I am powerful.



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