There is grace when we are carried by the wings of inspiration toward an idea, and we embrace that idea and accept the results of our endeavors — whatever it may be — there is grace.

No matter what happens today, we are graced with a new day. Moving forward is a kind of grace, especially if we have been stuck. Sometimes the best thing to do is make a wheel (no need to reinvent it) and roll on outta there.

We become what we focus on — for good or ill — and that is a choice. Life is about the choices we make, and gratefully/gracefully we can make new choices.

There is the grace of a new beginning, a new adventure, a new day, and we can project whatever hopes or fears we want upon it.

We come into the world with a natural sense of what is right for us, until we learn how to second-guess and doubt ourselves. We can forget that we have an inner compass, but our true north will always point the way.

Paying attention to what everyone else is doing is a sure way of going around in circles. Paying attention to what feels right to us — as individuals — will lead us home.


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