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Appreciation is all about understanding. When you show your appreciation to someone, you are thanking them, but you’re also telling them that you understand what they have done.

If you know a lot about wine, you could be said to have an appreciation of it. If you take music appreciation in college, you will understand music better. Appreciation also can mean a rise in value—you might refer to the appreciation of the value of a house.


 understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something
 an increase in price or value

I’ve come to the conclusion that appreciation — especially self-appreciation — is my spiritual practice and path. I don’t mean selfishness, because although I intellectually understand the idea of selfishness, it triggers some kind of martyr complex within me; like I need to suffer or feel guilty about pursuing my own self-interest. Yet self-appreciation allows me to transcend all of that.

That’s not to say it’s always easy for me to appreciate myself or be appreciative, which is why it’s a practice. When I’m able to appreciate, it feels like I’m on my path. For me, appreciation is a gateway to higher consciousness.

Instead of being motivated to do something, which is usually fear or crisis driven, appreciation lets in inspiration, which moves us toward creating beauty and harmony.

My intention is to live a life of appreciation. I want to appreciate myself and everything that I experience, because the natural result of appreciating all-that-is, is that you see things from the perspective of all-that-is.


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