Feeling Good

Day dreaming

When I feel good, good things happen.

Such a simple and profound concept, yet for most of my life I thought that when good things happen, I feel good, which is true, of course. When good things happen, I do feel good, and when I do good things, other people feel good. That also seems like a simple enough concept, but there’s a huge flaw in it. What if I do good (at least what I think is good), and the other person doesn’t feel good? Maybe they felt good about it before, and now they don’t. And now I don’t feel good, because I want other people to feel good about what I do. So the whole game is set up in such a way that no one can truly win, and after a while people become confused about who they are, and the power they have.

The ability to focus your thoughts so that you achieve a good feeling within yourself no matter what is happening around you — is the key to everything.

All my years of self-improvement has led me to this idea. The ability to focus your thoughts, as well as unfocusing from them, is something that can be learned and practiced. When you’re able to see the connection between what you think and how you feel, then it will make complete sense for you to practice focusing your thoughts. It really is that simple, but many of us have been trained to think that feeling good is dependent upon making someone else feel good, or having things go a certain way.

Whenever you find yourself feeling less than good, just know that in some way you’re projecting your personal power onto someone or something outside of yourself, and that with practice you can learn to withdraw any projections you’re making, thus reclaiming your power. You can let everyone and everything off the hook. Absolutely nothing has to change for you to be happy, because you can focus on thoughts that feel good to you, and as you do, everyone and everything will naturally change for the better.


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Day dreaming (modified ) by Kevin Dooley

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