My Inner Muse

MuseI’ve taken to calling the Jungian concept of the Anima as my “Inner Muse”.

I’m learning that my Inner Muse is an autonomous personality that dwells within my psyche, and that she (yes, she’s female) is an integral part of me. I’m beginning to believe that, essentially, everything I perceive that stirs up my desires, feelings, and creative impulses is my own Inner Muse being activated.

For example, when I work on something I’m passionate about — such as art — it seems to satisfy my Inner Muse. Perhaps that’s why it feels satisfying to me at all.

It’s true that women are commonly thought of as artistic muses, and for me, they are. I also find inspiration in art and nature. I sense that anything which can inspire feelings within me is activating my Inner Muse, and my relationship with her is of utmost importance.

She cannot be coerced into doing what I want, and she doesn’t take kindly to mistreatment. I must find a way to persuade and woo her, if I’m to partake of her gifts. As an added bonus, by improving my relationship with my Inner Muse, I improve my relationships with women.


image credits:
Hesiode et la Muse by Gustave Moreau

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