I’m writing this as a journal entry while keeping in mind that I’d also like it to be a GBM article. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve been productive. I’m happy that I published a GBM article yesterday. I’ve been writing down various topic ideas that have been popping up. As it happens, I rarely look at the list of ideas and instead I just write what comes to mind.

What’s been on my mind for the past several weeks, months, years, and very intensely these past few days is Carl Jung’s philosophy concerning individuation, which is intimately connected to the Self. I’ve been researching and thinking about the Self for a long time, and I think it’s been researching and thinking about me. It’s like a flirtation or game of hide and seek we’ve been playing. If I’d been interested in individuation before, or thought I might be going in that direction, I’m almost certain of it now. I say “almost” because there’s an inner skeptic that will never fully believe in anything, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, although it can be a pain.

For the sake of argument, I’ve accepted that I’m individuating, which didn’t just start, but has been going on for as long as I can remember, and will probably continue for the foreseeable future. I’m not so interested in describing what individuation is. One, I’m not totally sure at this point, and two, there are scholars who have written tomes dedicated to the subject that explain it better than I can , including the master himself.

What I am interested in is navigating my way through it, which is to say, through life itself. I want to understand myself, and communicate what I’m going through with others, in the hopes that it might be of some benefit, or if nothing else, make for an interesting story. It’s a way for me to create a myth for myself, to stay sane and find some meaning in the world.

More than anything, I’m learning to balance between the tension of opposites as I go forward. I’ve met some interesting characters along the way; the Ego, the Persona, the Shadow, and the Anima, yet it’s my True Self that keeps this motley band of fools together.

I’ve looked for something to believe in all my life, someone or somewhere to place my faith and trust in, but now I realize that no one’s going to know me better than my Self.

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