Finding Your Top Three Values

Here’s an interesting exercise that can help you find your top three values in life. I’ve worked with different methods of finding my “core values” over the years, and they all have some value (so to speak), but this one gave me a chuckle, and proved to be very insightful.

I think the webpage where I found this,, is meant for parents who are raising children, but being a child at heart, I found it helpful anyway.

Finding Your Top Three Values

So what do you value most? Which 3 of these do you want most? You won’t have the rest.

I would most like to:

  1. Achieve many difficult tasks
  2. Have an attractive face (& hair)
  3. Have a good physique (body)
  4. Wear fashionable clothes
  5. Have many famous friends
  6. Be a TV celebrity
  7. Have many exhilarating events
  8. Have great sporting skills
  9. Have great musical abilities
  10. Have brilliant dancing skills
  11. Have great ‘drama’ skills
  12. Be academically very intelligent
  13. Be very funny and witty
  14. Have excellent practical skills
  15. Have great artistic skills
  16. Be able to make sacrifices to help others
  17. Have good social skills
  18. Be open, honest and fair
  19. Not have to rely on others
  20. Be resilient, cope with setbacks
  21. Have a very well paid job
  22. Have a very enjoyable job
  23. Have a job of high status
  24. Be considered very sexy
  25. Have a reliable partner
  26. Have a sense of purpose
  27. Be a very good fighter
  28. Be prepared to take a lot of risks

After some deliberation, I narrowed my list down to these three:

  • Have great artistic skills
  • Be open, honest and fair
  • Have a sense of purpose

Although I admit it would be pretty cool to be very funny and witty, considered very sexy, and be a very good fighter.


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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Top Three Values”

  1. Awesome! For myself it would be:
    – Have many exhilarating events
    – Be open, honest and fair
    – Be prepared to take a lot of risks
    although I also always have a purpose. I always ask myself ‘why’ 🙂


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