A Sketch of the Psyche


I was contemplating the idea of Jungian Complexes and Individuation, and was inspired to sketch out these diagrams.

In the top diagram, the Ego and the Anima/Animus is sharply divided, as the Ego pushes certain traits out of its awareness, and projects its Persona to the world. As the Persona grows–fueled by the Ego–the Shadow grows in proportion.

At some point during the process of Individuation, which is happening all the time, the structure shown in the top diagram will collapse. This can manifest as some kind of personal crisis, or be initiated by a crisis event.

In the second diagram, Individuation is taking place. The Ego and Anima/Animus are synthesizing (inspired by the classic Yin-Yang symbol).

The Ego begins to withdraw more and more of its Persona projections, consequently creating less of a Shadow. The Persona and Shadow become assimilated and synthesized into the Ego and Anima/Animus. The outer shell of the constructed personality shrinks, and the True Self emerges.


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