The Journey(s) of Life


Most of us can appreciate that life is like a journey, but to where–and why–seems like one of those questions that can only be answered by going on the journey itself.

I’m realizing that not only is life a journey, but there are several journeys that are taking place at the same time. I look at these journeys from four different levels or perspectives, which I originally, and rather innocuously, called Life Areas, something I use for the purpose of self-improvement.

My journey of self-improvement was born out of necessity and practicality–to get better and achieve my goals–but the farther I fell down the rabbit hole, the crazier, more metaphysical, and wondrous life became.

So while the person who I thought myself to be went on a journey of self-improvement, there were other selves who were on a journey of their own. Ultimately, all roads led me to my True Self.

Now I’m settling into a peaceful orbit around my True Self, something akin to discovering that the Earth goes around the Sun.

I like to imagine life as taking place physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, all at once. It’s a mental model I use–a convenient map–but nothing substitutes for the journey itself. Wisdom comes from experience.

As I become more aware of the different levels of being, there’s a natural alignment that takes place, and I notice there isn’t such a distinction between the different journeys we take.

It’s a journey home.

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