Practicing Patience


I recently took a Big Five personality test, and my highest score was in Creativity, which is part of the trait of Openness to Experience, and my lowest score was in Patience, which is part of Agreeableness.

I find that rather amusing for some reason.

I can see this dichotomy when I’m painting, because if things aren’t looking exactly “right” quickly enough, I start to hear and feel this nagging, impatient voice that wants it to be perfect RIGHT NOW.

That’s when I know it’s time to step away for a bit.

After all, creativity is about creation, and who doesn’t want godlike powers of instant creation, but practicing patience is about giving the creation time to incubate and grow.

Even God took seven days to create the Universe.

Part of it is about having faith that what I want has been put into motion–whether I’ve envisioned it, wrote it down as a goal, or taking the steps to accomplish it–and it’s up to God and the Universe (which is a cool name for a band) to bring it to fruition.

My new motto is “letting it happen”, rather than “making it happen.” It’s about getting out of my own way. I’ve noticed that every time I’ve tried to force the issue, my creation has come out a bit warped, or I end up feeling stressed out.

In a previous post, I stated that my top three values are:

  • To have great artistic skills
  • Be open, honest, and fair
  • Have a sense of purpose

So I already know what I’m about and what I want to achieve. Now I just need to believe that my True Self knows this and will lead to me to where I want to go.

I’ve been practicing patience, and things are definitely getting better.

image credit: Pixabay

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