Practicing the ABC’s

ABC_trimI like to divide my day into four parts, each of them being 6 hours. For example, 6-12am is Morning, 12-6pm is Afternoon, 6-12am is Evening, and 12-6am is Nighttime. This helps me practice the ABC’s, which stands for:

  • Align
  • Balance
  • Center

Align means being on purpose and knowing what you want to accomplish in the particular time period.
Balance means not being so focused on one thing that you forget to take care of yourself, like eating, taking a break, or doing something else for a bit.
Center means observing everything in a mindful way, which is a meditative practice in itself.

Whenever I feel unaligned, unbalanced, uncentered, or generally discombobulated, I check to see what part of the day it is. Usually, I’ll either need to focus or defocus, cook or eat, move around or exercise, or just chill out and relax.

Practicing the ABC’s has been helpful for me. Maybe it can help you, too!


image credit: Wikimedia

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