The next phase of my journey through life is going to be all about allowing.

I’ve done the hard work–the researching and studying, learning and practicing, dreaming and setting goals, and the constant driving and seeking for truth and purpose–and you know, it was all worth it!

But I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns as far as efforting and trying is concerned. I’ve planted the seeds and built the foundations. Now it’s time to let life and nature do its thing. It’s yet another example of getting out of my own way.

I’ve gotten over the biggest hurdle in my life so far–namely my emotions and memories of the past–and by “gotten over” I mean allowing myself to really feel my feelings. I’ve moved past the self-consciousness and self-doubt. Well, these things are still there, but somehow I’m bigger than they are. I’m bigger because of them.

The things that truly matter to us, we learn through experience and by the example of others, not by pithy motivational speeches and marketing scams. We know who we are inside, and maybe we’ve forgotten it along the way, but our True Self has been there for us every step of the way.

We may seek the approval of others–who are themselves seeking the approval of others–yet our True Self has always approved of us, loved us, been with us in our darkest and loneliest moments.

Alignment with our True Self is all the approval we need, and what we’re really looking for.

If we can somehow allow ourselves to be who we truly are–which may be the biggest challenge of our life–then all things are possible.


image credit: Pixabay

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