Thank You, and a Wake Up Call

I want to thank everyone who has paid attention to the things I’ve posted lately, given me likes or comments. It means a lot.

I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life, along with issues of low self-worth. I believed that my worthiness lay in what others thought of me, especially my parents, so much so that I attempted suicide when I was twelve because I felt like I had let them down. I’ve struggled to overcome the guilt and the shame of that experience for years. I’ve been building my self-esteem back up ever since. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do.

I find it incredibly hypocritical when I see people commenting on Robin Williams’ depression and death, when there are people who may not be celebrities, people who are actually in their lives, people like me, who have shared our problems with depression with people we know, and are met with indifference or silence. That’s completely shameful and disappointing to me. No wonder depressed people keep it a secret.

My purpose is to overcome my problems and improve my life so that I can be as happy and successful as I can be, and in doing so, I want to inspire people who are struggling with similar problems. I want to show them that you can learn to love yourself. You can learn the truth of how beautiful and amazing you really are.



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