Defining Your Own Truths


I’ve been dealing with the emotional pain of heartbreak, and all the negative thoughts that are generated during such an experience. I had certain beliefs that are now scattered to the winds. Now, more than ever, it’s important for me to define my own truths about what happened.

The truth is, it’s my responsibility who and what I attract into my life.

The truth is that every challenge, failure, mistake, or obstacle is a way for me to improve myself.

The truth is that whatever I pay attention to becomes my truth, so I can either pay attention to what went wrong, or to what went right.

The truth is that I was stuck in a rut and now I’m free to create my life exactly how I want it to be.

The truth is that I’ve gained much more than I’ve lost; I’ve gained experience, knowledge, know-how, strength, and wisdom.

The truth is that I have much to offer a quality woman, and if I focus on developing my qualities, I’ll attract a quality woman into my life; no need for me to chase after her.

The truth is that it’s more important for me evaluate how people are coming across to me — whether I’m enjoying the interaction with them or not — rather than worrying about how I come across to them.

I choose to define my own truths — and define myself — in such a way that it makes me a better and happier man.


image credits: Pixabay

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