Being Right (and Letting Go)


Recently, I’ve realized that — despite knowing better — it became more important for me to be right than to be happy.

I wanted to be justified and righteous in my anger, but holding on to anger only hurts yourself, as a wise person once said, so I’m letting go of my anger.

You have to ask yourself in an honest and sincere way, “Would I rather be right, or happy about this?” And respect whatever answer comes to you. Sometimes you need to be right for a while, until you get tired of it. Then you may realize that it’s more important to be happy than right.

There are some things that I still want to be right about, and it doesn’t matter to me how old the issue is, or how immature it seems for me to still be hung up on it. I respect that part of me that feels the need to be right, because I’ve learned that you can’t really repress your true feelings.

That part of us that wants to be right is really wanting to defend our boundaries and integrity, and that’s good. Of course, this wanting to be right can close us off from joy, peace, and happiness. Sometimes we don’t realize we’ve been unhappy for so long because we’re still holding on to the need to be right.

When I’ve gotten tired of holding on to my sense of rightness, I imagine that I’m letting it go, with love and respect, down a stream. If it comes back up again, I acknowledge it, respect it, and again let it go.

The true purpose of being right isn’t meant for it to be used as a weapon against someone else, but rather as a way for us to know what our boundaries are, and how we want to live and be.


image credits: Floating Away by Laura Pontiggia CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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