Perceiving Things


I think the way we perceive things is probably the most important factor in determining how we experience life. It’s not so much that our circumstances, conditions, and life situations mean anything in and of themselves, but rather the way we perceive them that evokes our feelings. If something is perceived as being bad, there’s really no way to argue against that, and vice versa; if something is thought of as good, then it is good, at least to the person perceiving it as such. On the one hand, it can be challenging when our perceptions are biased, skewed, or flat out wrong, but the good news is that our perceptions can be changed.

We perceive things at different levels. There are the physical senses, which we tend to think are accurate, but can easily be fooled. Our emotions are a form of perception, and are notoriously biased. The way we think is incredibly powerful at determining how we perceive things. Finally, we have our spirit or True Self, which forms the core of who we are, and our True Self perceives things in a certain way.

I’ve noticed that, although my life situation continues to change and evolve, the quality of my experience is determined by my level of perception. There really is more than one way to look at a situation, and the best way is to see things from every perspective. I think it’s a good idea to operate under the premise that, at any point in time, our perception may be inaccurate or wrong, and that we must be curious and open-minded enough to keep looking for a more accurate picture and a better solution.


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