The (True) Meaning of Anxiety and Depression


I’ve learned that any anxiety I may feel is really the result of knowing, deep down, who I truly am, and not being able to express my True Self. Once I’m able to find a way to let go of the resistance to expressing my True Self, the anxiety goes away. It may return, but I know why it’s there, and how to release it.

I’ve also learned that any depression I feel is really the illusion of a lack of meaning and purpose. Depression, in and of itself, has no purpose other than it exists, which means it has a right to exist, just like anything else. We can find meaning in depression by being open about our own struggles and triumphs, which inspires others and gives them hope that they, too, can overcome depression.

When I’m aligned with my True Self, I feel no anxiety. I feel empowered and strong. I only feel anxiety when I’m trying to align myself to the opinions and values of other people. When I’m sharing my story so that other people can find inspiration and hope, I don’t feel depressed, or at least I’m able to find meaning in the depression. We have the necessity of being who we truly are, and the courage to do it, and we have the ability to find meaning and purpose in any experience.

That’s the true meaning of anxiety and depression.


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