Mixing Metaphors

I’ve got my first cup of the morning, and I’m ready to mix my metaphors.

NASA’s Space Cowboy Concept

These days, I’m noticing how beliefs are things; mental things. I notice how thoughtforms float around in my mind like mental asteroids, and through accretion they form belief systems. Once these belief systems are in place, they have a life of their own. In fact (or theory), these systems can spawn new life – kind of like Earth – and this life evolves.

I’m starting to think that I don’t really have thoughts. I’m the thinker of thoughts, but the thoughts themselves are just out there, having evolved, grown, and morphed over time, and depending on my state of mind, certain thoughts gravitate toward me. And what of thoughts’ erstwhile companion, emotions? Well, if thoughts are things, then I suppose emotions are the medium by which thoughts travel.

Now that’s a heady mix of metaphors in the morning.

Cetacean Dreams

Like the lifeforms in the ocean, certain thoughtforms live in different layers of emotions. Some emotions have boisterous “dolphin” thoughts that swim around and play, while other emotions are down deep and have sea monsters lurking in their depths.

We’re neither the thoughts or emotions, but rather the explorers and travelers amongst these energetic flora and fauna.



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3 thoughts on “Mixing Metaphors”

  1. loved your lines about the creatures down deep! check out what i wrote last week about same thing – The Deadliest Fish of All. I like the idea that you say thoughts travel. what if they are broadcast by something else, and we really aren’t creating, but just tuning in to them as they go by… OK, maybe I’ve had too many cups…


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