(It’s All About) Getting Off

Why, yes, I am a lesbian. No, you can’t watch. (adult content)

Sex and sexuality is probably the least written about topic on GBM, and it’s not because of prudishness or an attempt at censorship, but rather it’s because there are so many other venues for me to explore and discuss sexual topics online that I haven’t felt inspired to write about sex on GBM.

With that said, I do think it’s an important part of self-improvement, so I want to share some of my thoughts. You’ll notice that sex doesn’t have a Life Area of its own, because to me it actually goes with every Life Area, in the same way as, say, creativity.

At the heart of it – before we add in all of our preconceived notions, conditioned beliefs, and societal rules – sex is creative energy. I’ve spent years figuring out my relationship to sex and sexuality, and I’ve realized that it’s the same as figuring out how to align with my True Self (which you’ll find is my catch-all solution to everything).

Any beliefs or rules that people try impose upon sex is just that, beliefs and rules – some of which are useful to the functioning of society, some of which are bogus power-trips – which change and evolve over time. I’ve noticed that some people get their kicks aka “get off” by having sex, some people get off by thinking about sex, and some people get off by trying to control what others do sexually.

My philosophy is that sex is something that takes place between consenting adults, and it’s up to consenting and free-thinking adults to figure out their relationship to sex and sexuality. I believe that the power to express and share our sexuality belongs to the individual.

I think it’s polite to let people know if something is sexually explicit or meant to titillate, but to me that’s no different than letting people know my blog is about self-improvement (which may actually make some people back away even faster).

Basically, I’ve realized that the fearful beliefs and ideologies about sex have done more harm to my well-being than sex itself, which is an enjoyable and natural part of life.



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