Looking for Love (Where It Is)


My new philosophy of life is to look for love where it is, not where it isn’t.

Somehow, and for some reason, I started really noticing when there was love missing from some area of my life, which only distracted me from the love that I already had. Now I realize that it isn’t because love is missing, but rather it’s that I’m thinking there should be love where there isn’t, or the love I have isn’t enough, or that I want even more love, or that the person over there is getting a lot more love than me.

This kind of thinking is devaluing, fearful, limiting, and unappreciative, which is the kind of energy that repels love.

Love can be described in infinite ways, but the feeling is always one of empowering, positive, and uplifting energy. Love makes us feel like we’re part of the bigger picture, connected to life itself, because in reality, we are.

By believing and thinking thoughts that pinch us off from love, we experience a diminishment of our lifeforce and power.

I used to worry, and sometimes still do, about what people think, because I loved it when I received their love, but now I realize that there’s an abundant and infinite amount of love, and that I don’t ever have to worry about not having enough. There’s no point in barking up the wrong tree, or looking for love where it isn’t.

I now realize that I carry within me a piece of the love that emanates and permeates all things, and when I look for this love, it’s always there.

If you’ve been starving for love, as I’ve been at times, see if you can appreciate the love that’s already there – the love that you have for yourself – and don’t be so quick to discard it because you think it’s not enough. When you’re able to truly taste and digest this inner love, you’ll find that it’s more than enough and a neverending source of joy.



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