Having Mystical Experiences

source: Tumblr Open Arts
source: Tumblr Open Arts

I’m somewhat ambivalent about having mystical experiences, and with mysticism in general. Perhaps it’s due to my Libran nature that I tend to look at both sides of the story (ironically enough, I’m ambivalent about astrology, too).

My interest in mysticism centers around creativity and self-improvement. I’ve always intuitively felt there was something mystical about creating art, and I somewhat lost that connection as I sought to make a living at it. My self-improvement work began as a practical way of getting better at doing things, which then became a realization of spiritual truths, and eventually, even to mystical experiences.

Now, I think I’ve had mystical experiences my whole life, and there are several instances that now, in hindsight, I’d call “mystical”. I think we probably have mystical experiences more often than we think, but we explain and rationalize it away, because to be honest (and like many people) they kind of freak me out.

Last night, for example, I was drifting off to sleep, and I got this sense that I was somehow floating out of my body. I’ve studied and written enough about the Self to know, cognitively, about the psyche, soul, and other metaphysical and psychological concepts, but it’s another thing to have an experience in which it seemed like my self/soul/spirit was detaching from my physical body. It wasn’t painful, but it was disorienting, like the feeling you get when you go down a hill too fast, and there was a tingling sensation as if my body was expanding beyond its normal boundaries. I could have kept it going, but I shook myself out of it and went to sleep, and it wasn’t until this evening that it occurred to me that maybe that’s what astral projection would feel like, and in fact, I did have a dream in which I was flying around a room during an Abraham-Hicks seminar.

Again, I’m ambivalent about such experiences and don’t feel the need to seek them out, but nonetheless they’re making more appearances in my life, and shaping the way I view things.



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